WuHan True Engin Technology Development Co.,Ltd is located in the beautiful coast of the south lake in WuHan. Company has puissant scientific research ability ,since years' endeavor we have developed a series of products including transducer, PLC ,tension controller, tension sensor,magnetic powder clutch , Mitsubishi magnetic powder brake, Mitsubishi tension sensor, Mitsubishi tension controller, tension controller system,tension sensor system, electrical torque controller, deviation control system and so on .These products are widely used in machines of printing and packaging industry. Our company has been the best supplier and OEM of many magnetic powder clutch factories and printing plants domestic and abroad.
  • magnetic powder clutch
  • tension sensor
  • Constant current /Constant voltage
  • magnetic powder brake
  • Manual Tension Controller
  • Transducer
  • Tensiometer
  Manual Tension Controller
  Automatic Tension Controller
  Tension Transducer
  Magnetic powder clutch
  Deviation Control System
  Constant current /Constant voltage
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Address : Room D-011 No. 517 Ming-ze Peninsula Luoshi South Road, Hongshan District, Wuhan City .
Tel : 027-52237201    Fax : 027-52237201

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